Please feel free to call or email me for a quote and discuss your project.

Please don’t forget to mention:

  • Name/Your email/Your phone number
  • What am I photographing, directing or creating for you? – for example 
    • Advertising campaign, Branded content, commercial
    • Fashion Look book, fashion campaign, 
    • Portrait (Actor, Business, Corporate, Baby, family, artist, music- band promotional 
    • Music Video (Directing/producing/creative/Promotional Stills) 

What best describes what you want and your project? 
The more information you attached the better I can quote you:

  • Budget 
  • Deadline 
  • How many images/films you want 
  • What the images will be used for 
  • Travel costs 
  • Location or studio shoot 
  • Information on the shoot
  • Talent and do you need talent?
  • Reference images or films
  • Do you need retouching, hair and makeup, graphic design as well?

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